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In 1962, the shift system was introduced to accommodate the exploding school population and the school acquired an Industrial Arts Wing.

In 1963, the curriculum was further enhanced by the expansion of the Industrial Arts programme and the addition of a Science Wing.

In 1964, the school became a Comprehensive School offering a technical focus along with some vocational and academic opportunities.

In 1952 the St Leonard’s Boys’ School was relocated from its original site on Baxters’ Road to its present location. The move facilitated its use as the pilot school in that historic experiment which sought to extend secondary education beyond the secondary school. Drawing students from such primary schools as Wesley Hall Boys, St Mary’s Boys, Roebuck Boys, Westbury and St. Stephen’s Boys, the School changed its status from an all-age elementary school to a non-selective school. This was only the first of several changes through which the school endeavoured to improve the quality of its service to the community.

In 1956, it was granted Secondary Modern status and extended its curriculum to include the Royal Society of Arts Examinations (Elementary Examinations). Formerly students were limited to the Barbados Secondary School Certificate.

By 1972, the school’s programme had been so successful that the school's plant was extended in order to accommodate the new Secondary Programme. As a result of this development, the old shift system was discontinued and the curriculum was extended to embrace all the elements of a full secondary school's programme. Presently, the school’s curriculum offers the students a comprehensive range of subjects grouped into the following Departments:

  • English, Mathematics, General Studies, Fine Arts, Business Studies, General Science, Industrial Arts, Physical Education and Modern Languages.

In addition there is a new thrust towards the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ), skills, music, art and drama.

Pupils are encouraged to be involved in at least one extra
curricular activities per year. This is a prequalification for Seniors to graduate.

Each Senior boy in the fifth year is encouraged to purchase a school blazer to be worn at graduation.

The school is pleased to mention the success of its '100-boys choir', the first of its kind in the island. This choir has become well known and there has been heavy request for its appearances.

The school is now in the pilot stage of the Child Friendly School (CFS) sponsored by UNICEF. The staff is anticipating the positive results this programme can bring for the benefit of the boys.

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